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April 09, 2010


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Thanks for putting this all together Dave! This is a great resource and at Visit Indiana we take your rankings very seriously! The only thought I had is to look into changing the "DMO Site Traffic" portion of the rankings. Many states (Indiana included) are required to host their tourism websites within the state website and that prevents hosting on their own URL and getting noticed individually by Quantcast. I know it's only worth 3 points, but very few states end up qualifying for it. Thanks again for all you do!

Ted Sullivan

This report is fantastic. MMG Worldwide refers to it frequently and we appreciate the work you and your team put into it. Nice job Serino!

Dave Serino

Thanks for the nice comments Jeremy and Ted! It is greatly appreciated!

@Jeremy-We will look into that one. That was something we thought we could help promote, with the goal being helping spread the word to the world about how much web traffic state tourism offices actually produce. But - for whatever the reason - we are not getting much buy in, which is unfortunate. Suggestion taken and appreciated.


@David - Thanks for looking into it. I'm sure many other states are in the same position as Indiana. Keep up the great work!

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